Where DeVan Stands



I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and encourage you to do the same.  If you need to hear testimony about how accepting Jesus Christ into your life will make both an immediate and eternal difference for you, call me.


Without a secure border we don’t have a country.  We need to do everything possible – build the wall, floating barriers in the Rio Grande, more border patrol agents and drones and other technology – to stop illegal immigrants from entering our country.


My family owns a bunch of them and protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights is fundamental to protecting our other rights.


We can’t keep borrowing Chinese money to fund Biden’s inflation generating spending sprees. Congress must stop spending like drunken sailors.


China’s not our friend and we need to act accordingly on trade and critical domestic assets like farmland. China’s control of key technological assets and commodity markets needs to be addressed by Congress.


Individual liberty and freedom are core American values. Regulatory and governmental overreach stifle liberty and freedom in all areas of commerce and we are seeing that in digital currency right now. Congress needs to adopt a rational digital currency regulatory framework that incorporates these American values and Congress must make sure the Federal Reserve never adopts a central bank digital currency.


I oppose it. I’m pro-life.

For President

Trump is strong and we need to get back to making America great again. Biden is too old and his mind appears to slipping which puts America in danger.